How to convert your android phone into I phone?

There are many people who wish to own an I phone but could not afford it but this does not mean that you cannot take the experience of owning an I phone. There are some working methods which will make your android device look like a real I phone device. These methods will not completely change your device into I phone as it is impossible but we can assure you that there will be very less difference between your android device and an I phone. Follow all the steps carefully as they are all working but if you will miss any method then your experience will also look missed out, so be patient and careful.

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Methods to make you android device into an I phone.

• Theme: You android local theme surely reveals the reality of your device being an android device but you can change it by downloading I phone theme from your device theme store. By downloading and installing the I phone theme from your store, it will completely change the interface of your device into the I phone quality. All the app icons and the text and graphic uniqueness will be changed into a I phone device. This will surely help you to prank your friends by saying that you have an actual I phone. This theme feature will also help you to unlock several other benefits as this theme almost looks real and very few people can predict the difference between the two.

• Z Font: This is an application which is available on the play store, this is not an usual application as this app will allow you to apply I phone emojis to your keyboard and your texts. As you know that the android and I phone emojis are very different and anyone could easily make out the difference between these two emoji. To save you from this disadvantage, we have brought this application. Simply go to this application and download I phone emoji and apply it to your device. After some time, you emoji will change to I phone emoji and your phone will have a new and unique look with them.

• Dynamic Island: You must have heard about latest I phone 14 feature of such amazing notification nodge. There are several more unique features of that nodge but do you know that you can even run it on your android device? Yes, there is an application named Dynamic Island, which will help you to add a nodge just like I phone 14 in your android device and it will make the look more realistic and natural.

• Wallpaper: Another trick which you can apply to make your android device look more natural of a I phone is by applying I phone latest wallpaper at your home and lock screen. This will provide you a whole different and natural look of an iphone as already you must have done the steps of theme and emoji.

• Ring Tone: The main uniqueness of I phone which can be heard is it’s unique voice, such as call tune and the notification sound. You could easily download both from google or find them at your android theme store in the ringtone section and apply them to your device to make it look more realistic and more likely to be a natural I phone device. By performing this step, you will not only look like a I phone owner but with the voice you can even become a role model between your friends to know such tricks of converting an android into an I phone device.

• Change your backcover: Now as you have changed almost everything in your android software, now it is turn to make your device outer look like an I phone. You can easily purchase any android I phone cover. These are the covers of the android device which look like an I phone and they also come with the logo of apple in between. This back phone cover, can easily be purchased at any mobile cover store and at very cheap prices as it is originally a android but dressed as of an I phone.

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