Garena Free fire max all about and features

Garena Free Fire vs Free Fire MAX – Garena Free Fire Both these applications have been banned by our government because this step has been taken to protect our national security and national interest. Garena Free Fire has a massive fan following in India. The developers of it are making sure that it is available on iOS and Google Play Store. The gaming industry in India has suffered a huge loss due to the ban. But there is an alternative to this which is Garena Free fire max. It is up to you what you want to play, which one of the two of you want to play, it depends on your interest.

You can not download it from the play store because the Indian government has banned it. But you can download it through a third party.

1) Better graphics offered by MAX version

There are very significant graphics differences between Garena Free Fire and Garena Free Fire Max. In the Max version you will get to see better graphics. This type of graphics will not be seen in the old Free Fire. Which also becomes a plus point whose phone cannot bear much workload. In this too the game will run smoothly. Still, it is so much fun to play that we can spend time in it even throughout the day, its popularity is very high in India to play the game.

2) Garena Free Fire Vs Free Fire MAX: More space

Ever since free Fire Max has provided better graphics, it requires more space due to more graphics in it. You will need 700MB in the Free Fire edition. At the same time, you need 1.50GB of space in the free Fire Max. You also need more battery capacity in the Free Fire MAX edition.

3) Garena Free Fire And Free Fire MAX: More Ram Usage

We have already told you that the graphics of Free Fire MAX have increased since then you need more RAM. You need a maximum processor and GPU in it to run a game. You must have 4GB of storage so that the game can function properly so that we can play it with pleasure.

4) Garena Free Fire And Free Fire MAX: Visibility Range

Visibility range refers to how far you can give in the game. How far we can see on the map? Developers in Free Fire Max are ensuring that everywhere we can see everything from a specific point, the most important thing in this is that you can see your enemy from a distance, then only you can enjoy playing the game. .

5) Free Fire MAX: New Elements, Qualities, and Capabilities

Free Fire Max has hit the market with a lot of upgrades and new elements. In this, the player can choose New Goodies, New Weapon, there are many other such things. The map in Free Fire Max has also been changed and updated. The map modification that has happened is known as Craftland. This is making the game even more interesting.

Free Fire Max Features

We have told you a lot about Free Fire Max above but here we are going to know more about some features –

New User Interface(UI)

Super Ultra Graphics up to 4k Resolution

Better Controls

Input Latency Improvements

Improved Colour and Visibility

Smooth Gameplay

3D Animation

Even better with High-end Smartphones

New Avatars

Free Fire Max System Requirements

Free Fire Max runs at 2GB but there is a slight lack of visual improvement. In Android, you need at least 2 GB of storage, there should be dual core CPU. We recommend you 8 GB storage and Octa-core 2.0 GHz CPU.

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