Ludo King The number one game of India l Top ranking Game

Ludo King is a very big online gaming company which has been given many awards. It comes in one of the most played games on the internet. It is an online gaming community. This game is breaking history in the gaming world. 6 people can play in it. It also has voice chat. It has Quick Ludo mode,Tournament and many more amazing features. In 2020, it was ranked at the top of the mobile game. This is the world’s top download game. In this, you can talk to each other while playing the game with your friends and family. This game ends very quickly, you can play 2 and 2 team matches in it. Amazing theme has been used in this. It has audio video visuals.

How to download Ludo King

You can download Ludo King in two ways, you can go to Chrome from your mobile and download Ludo King App from there.  And you can play with your friends and family members and secondly you can go to the play store from your mobile phone and download the Ludo king App where you can play that game after downloading it on your phone.

Rules of the Game

There are some basic rules in Ludo King which you have to follow the rules which are as follows –

  • It can be played with 2 to 6 people, in which you are given 4 tokens, and in this you have to reach 4 tokens in the house. The game continues until all the tokens are inside the house.
  • Tokens can be moved only when 6 numbers appear on your dice, then only you can remove your tokens from your house, otherwise you cannot move your tokens when the remaining numbers appear.
  • If the number 6 appears on your dice, then you also get a second turn in which you can spin the dice again.
  • If the number 6 appears 3 times in your dice, then your time to roll the dice is over.
  • If your token reaches the house, you get a chance to roll the dice one more time.
  • If you kill the other’s token, you get to roll a new dice.
  • There are 8 places in the board game where your tokens can be safe or else your tokens can be killed.
  • To win the game you have to enter all your tokens into the house and all tokens have to pass through the whole board then only you can win the game.

Tips And tricks to win a ludo King match

Here are some tips and tricks that you can follow to win the match, some of those tips and tricks are as follows –

The 7-Steps Rule : The most important thing is that you don’t have to think about your opponent, you think about yourself, you don’t have to let your opponent’s token linger at your house. If someone kills your token, your token will return to where it started from.

Patience Is Everything : If your token reaches the safe place, which is given the shape of a star on the board, then if your token is in the safe place then you have to wait for the good number, otherwise your token will be killed by the opponents.

Know The Rolling Rules : You must know the rules of the game, only then you can increase your chances of winning in it, otherwise not.

Don’t be in a hurry : You have to move your tokens carefully and carefully, do not act in a hurry, otherwise your token can be killed by your opponent.

Features Of Ludo king

It is very easy to play, its interface is very amazing, and it is easy to understand. Good graphics and design have been used in it. Everything in it responds quickly. You can make money by referring it to others in this. You can play it in offline mode. You can do live chat in it. This game is ranked world wide.

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