Call of Duty: Mobile Has Second Largest Launch Month Ever With millions downloads

The Call of Duty Mobile game brings in a lot of action. Both in multiplayer and in battle royal games. Call of Duty is a first shooter game published by Activision.  which started in 2003. This game was focused on World War 2, in which he won the first 2003 and 2005 titles in Infinity War.

Setting up Call of Duty Mobile and your mobile phone

You will need 1.6GB to install this game.  Same for mobile and also for game data.  If your phone lacks storage then it will not be able to install in your phone. If gaming mode is on in your phone then you need to reduce notification of your phone. You will have to finish the process or else your chances of slowing down the game increase. There is no need of username and password to login in this, you have to login with Facebook account. After that you can shift your profile to another place, this is for your account activation. In this, you are given an incentive for logging in with a different type. The sound track quality in Call of Duty is very good, it is very good for knowing what is happening around you.

Call of Duty Mobile amazing settings and controls

There are many settings and options available in this game but it depends on which style you like to play. And on which phone or laptop are you playing this? To try them all, you have to take the time to test them all.

Choose Advanced mode: In this you can control in two ways, one is simple and the other is advanced setting. Which you get to see before the game. Simple has autofire when you point at someone. But on the same advanced setting helps you to control everything. You need more practice for Advance.

Customise your controls: You have to customize the whole setting of your game.  There are two types of setting in this, one is advanced and one simple advance has a botton to set you up.

Turn on prone button to enable drop shotting: In this, the default setting is in the prone button. If you turn it on you can fall to the ground but you will still fight. 

Change the shooting mode: You need to try a different weapon, you can also fire from the hip. Your weapon group behavior changes. You can fire from the hip with a shortgun.

Change the graphics quality: Your phone automatically understands this in your device. But if you want to change it, you can change it by going to the setting, you can change the quality frame rate. You can play smoothly after that you can perform well. Here you get ultra mode 120Hz.

Adjust the sensitivity: Different devices respond differently. You can also change its sensitivity, how you have to move it, it may change, it also keeps changing for individual.

Call of Duty Mobile tips and tricks

Here we are telling you some basic tips and tracks, which if you follow then your chances of winning increase a lot. In both multiplayer and battle royal mode.

  • You have to suck on your best controller. Advance is the best option in this, you should keep the setting only on the advanced option.
  • If you use your thumb on the screen, you get more scores.
  • You can increase your chances of winning by using chat in your game.

Call of Duty Mobile – Rules And Regulations

If you use any kind of cheat and hack or any kind of third party app in this then you will be banned. Once the match has started, only those who are present in the lobby can play. You are not allowed to do spectator mode. You are dropped from the team.

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