Extreme Car Driving Simulator APK for Android – Free Download

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is an amazing car driving game for Android users. In this game, when you will be driving a car, then you will feel that you are driving a car in the real world. In this, things are shown in an amazing destruction quality and realistic way. The graphics have been taken care of very well. Graphics is optimized. And everything in it has been designed flawlessly. You can also examine your car to find out where your car is hurt and how much destruction is there. You can unlock the car level in this and drive the car safely

You can drive your car in the big city and explore new locations in this game. Its visual effect and the detailing of this game increase the attention span in the game so that players like it. You can show your talent to people from all over the world. There are many sports vehicles in the game that you can use. You can increase your driving abilities in this. This is an actual HUD function in which RPM, gear and speed, these cars are authentic from inside and are great.

This game has ABS features in which you do not need to push the brake button. In this TC and ESP simulation, you can also turn it off, according to you, you can explore the open world, you can also change the camera angle, so that the view will be visible well. You can also challenge others in this game. It has simple features like a simple steering wheel, accelerometer, indicator, numerous cameras etc. Simulator performs Amazing in this. Music and visuals make the game more realistic. As soon as you cross the daily level you get a new car which is fantastic.

Unique supercar

There are many unique cars in this game which you can drive by unlocking the levels. You get to drive your favorite supercar so you can show your friends how good you are at it. The features of multi-view have been given in this game. Which helps you to provide different angles in the game. You can also change your taxes a bit. You can change the color of your car so that your car looks different and better than others.

Different modes of game

The simulator provides a different type of mode to those who have played this game. You can easily find all over the map when you play in free mode. You can drive your car wherever you want and explore new places. You can race with others when you are in checkpoint mode. You can drive your supercar in traffic. But you have to follow the traffic rules so that you can do the right thing.

Graphics and sound

Stable graphics have been used in this as compared to other games. It looks good to the eye but if you want to play this game on a mid range device then it is going to be a good game for you. The music in this is very good and of better quality. You can hear the sound of your engine very clearly in it. This is a very exciting game.

Simple And easy

You can learn the controls very quickly, the user interface is very classy, ​​you do not need to be a pro gamer to play this game. The Extreme Car Driving Simulator the game is very simple and easy to play.

Correct physics

In this, correct physics has been used for the console. It gives you the real experience of the game.

Simple control

To make the game interesting, the developers have designed the game controller in a very simple way so that people can understand it quickly and enjoy the game. But you need to practice to perform well in this you can also change ismenapne control settings you can also change the way you drive according to your need. You can become a great driver if you learn how to drive.

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