Such a bird that can eat even a snake and also show its kumfu skills

This bird is a secretary and it is quite strange. Unlike other birds of prey that attack prey from the air, the secretary bird hunts on the ground. She can fly but prefers walking, a bird can walk up to 30 kilometers a day through the savannahs of Africa.

This rather large bird grows up to 155 cm in length and weighs 4 kg. Its wingspan is over 2 meters.

The secretary bird can spend hours wandering around the savanna looking for prey, it has excellent eyesight and a rather strange culinary addiction. The secretary bird’s favorite food is snakes. Noticing the victim, the bird begins to kick powerfully, its attack turns into a kind of dance.

These blows are very strong, because the secretary has powerful claws on his feet. Rodents also get from this bird, with one powerful blow, it can break the victim’s spine. None of the birds hunt like this.

Secretary bird, family bird. Having found a mate for themselves, they no longer part and travel together, only sometimes moving away from each other.

Together, it is easier to hunt, as if they had caught a clever hare if they weren’t paired.

Secretary birds build their nests on top of small flat-crowned trees, they collect branches and grass and carry them to the tree. The female lays no more than 3 eggs.

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