An alien of the underwater world hypnotizing victims. Cuttlefish!

In this heavenly place of Southeast Asia, a beautiful reef is hidden under the sea surface, this real storehouse of various creatures, there are many crabs here, and crabs are a favorite delicacy of cuttlefish.

She is like an alien ship hovering over the reef, looking for prey. Better keep your head down. Those who did not have time to hide will be eaten.

Cuttlefish skin contains millions of pigment cells, thanks to which it changes its color and pattern. This is the best master of disguise among all living beings.

Taking advantage of this, this alien of the underwater world literally fascinates the crab and slowly approaches it. However, a shark, the cuttlefish’s main enemy, appeared on the horizon, and it was time to hide herself.

When the danger has passed, the cuttlefish starts all over again , the same bewitching technique and lightning attack. She attacks with the help of her tentacles hidden in special pockets under her eyes, they shoot only at the moment of attack.

Australia is home to some of the largest cuttlefish, they can grow up to 60 cm in length, in late summer many of these individuals gather to mate. As is often the case in the animal kingdom, the strongest male will get the female. Among the whole variety of cuttlefish, there is a real goliath, he wins the right to mate first.

Cuttlefish belongs to cephalopods, it is a relative of octopuses and squids. They live mainly in sea waters and, as I said, they are the best masters of disguise; their body, like a mirror, reflects everything that surrounds the cuttlefish, it even copies what is not found in the seas. In case of danger, like octopuses, cuttlefish can escape by releasing an inky liquid, scaring off the enemy.

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