This fish that doesn’t live in water is the Mudskipper!

Before you is a fish that does not live in water. His name is Mud Jumper. She spends most of her time on land, or rather in this mud of silt, the border zone between sea and land. Baked by the sun, this mud is rich in microscopic algae, which is included in the diet of the jumper, but in general he eats almost everything, insects, molluscs, crustaceans and worms will do.

In order not to dry out, the mudskipper rolls in the mud constantly maintaining moisture.

The way of its movement is interesting, the fish leans on the pelvic fins as if on crutches, and pushes its body forward with the front fins, the tail is motionlessly dragged behind, but if the Mudskipper is in a hurry, then it connects the tail and its speed increases noticeably.

Their tail is very strong, in order to attract a female, they are able to bounce high, pushing off with their tail. Whoever jumps higher is the female. But the male still needs to dig a cave where the female will lay eggs, they do it with their mouths. It will sound strange for fish, but they have their own territory, which they do not let outsiders into. This male notices the stranger and, like a predatory lion, he rushes to the defense.

The invading male trembles with fear but accepts the challenge…the battle has begun. The intruder loses and is forced to leave.

Mudskippers inhabit mangrove forests and brackish waters of tropical coasts except for the New World, some species live in rivers and ponds. They get food at low tide. On this channel, short interesting videos from the life of animals will be released, if you like such content, subscribe and be sure to press the bell. Turn on the playlist with all the videos in a row, they are short and very interesting, you will learn a lot of new things for now.

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