ANACONDA – great and terrible!


Amazon, majestic river, the most full-flowing on earth.It flows through South America, and the largest tropical rainforest in the world is spread in the river basin, the air temperature ranges from +25 to +28 degrees all year round and does not fall below +20 even at night .

This climate contributes to the emergence of a huge number of unique species of plants and animals.The most amazing snake on the planet, the anaconda, lives here.She is huge, because of her massive body, she spends almost all her time in the water.

Sometimes the anaconda crawls ashore to bask in the sun, sometimes it even climbs onto the lower branches of trees.One of the favorite treats of the anaconda is the capybara, the largest rodent on the planet.

The size can reach more than a meter in length and weighing under 60 kg, one such individual will satisfy the hunger of the anaconda for a long time. Usually the snake hunts from an ambush, but painfully tidbits graze nearby, it slowly sneaks up on them, trying not to make noise so as not to frighten them away.

A quick attack and a capybara in the tenacious embrace of an anaconda, the snake wraps itself around the victim and squeezes it hard, so that the animal cannot breathe and dies of suffocation.

Then the snake begins to swallow the rodent whole. Having swallowed the victim, the anaconda needs to lie down quietly for some time to digest the victim, at such moments they look especially huge.

But they do not always manage to calmly digest food, ubiquitous people can interfere with this event. For example, this anaconda ate something so big that her body swelled up and she could not even dive into the depths to hide from the fishermen.

People naturally took advantage of this and even dragged the animal by the tail. It can be seen that the anaconda has an incredible size, of course it was not possible to measure it, but the snake is very large.

But they managed to measure this anaconda, it was unusually huge and strong, four adult men could hardly pull it ashore, they measured it there and the results are amazing.

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