Huge spider kills mouse!

The largest spider in the world lives in the impenetrable Amazonian jungle of Venezuela . There are many myths and legends about this giant.

It is so big that it would hardly fit in the palm of your hand. Its weight reaches 170 grams, and its paw span is 30 cm. Its dimensions allow it to hunt mice, frogs, lizards and even birds.

His small eyes do not allow him to see everything around, so he relies on a sharper sense, touch. Its thin hairs located throughout the body react to the slightest vibrations.

When attacking, it injects a poison that corrodes the insides of the victim, then it sucks this broth out of it. Spider venom is not strong and harmless to humans, but a bite can cause discomfort.

The Amazon is full of dangers and the tarantula has enough enemies. The spider faced one-on-one with the nosuha, it stands on its hind legs warning of danger, but the nosuha was not afraid.

Then the spider uses its second weapon. He rubs his paws on the body, and at the end of his abdomen are thousands of small hairs that rise into the air. Each of these hairs has spines. Getting into the eyes, nose and hair, they irritate the animal causing itching and the nose has to retreat.

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