Monkey Punished By an Eagle, And Her Young Ate it !!

species of monkeys live here even 100 feet up in the forest they too have their predators one of the most fearsome is the rare harpy eagle with a seven inch spread of talents he can easily throttle a monkey this Eagle is concerned about two things one is her little chick who is entirely dependent on her mother for nourishment second is its unborn chicks but unfortunately

the nest ends up in the hands of monkeys with their Nimble hands and insatiable appetites the monkeys eagerly set about breaking up the shells and savoring

the rich creamy yolks inside the protein and healthy fats found in the eggs provided a substantial boost to the monkey’s diets as they were feasting the mother harpy eagle was on patrol

the harpy wasn’t hunting for herself she had a nest in a dead Brazil nut tree the alarm is on the mother’s job is done once she delivers her kill the mother feeds the two-month-old chick everything but the bones gets consumed even the skin nothing here goes to waste

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