Discover the Mysterious and Menacing Great-Eared Nightjar: A Dragon-Like Enigma Captured on Video


In the realm of enigmatic creatures that captivate our imagination, few are as intriguing as the Great-Eared Nightjar. Often mistaken for a mythical dragon, this elusive bird possesses a mystique that has intrigued and fascinated naturalists and birdwatchers for generations. Recently, a captivating video emerged, showcasing the remarkable appearance and behavior of this extraordinary creature, further deepening our fascination with its mysterious nature.

The Great-Eared Nightjar: A Creature of Legends:

The Great-Eared Nightjar (Lyncornis macrotis), also known as the Large-tailed Nightjar, is a species native to Southeast Asia, particularly found in countries such as Thailand, Myanmar, and Malaysia. With its distinctive appearance and remarkable vocalizations, it has earned a reputation as a bird that embodies the fantastical and mythical.

Appearance and Dragon-Like Resemblance:

One of the most striking features of the Great-Eared Nightjar is its unique appearance. Its long, slender body is adorned with intricate patterns and colors, including mottled browns, grays, and tans that blend seamlessly with its surroundings. Its most striking feature, however, is its large, ear-like tufts of feathers on either side of its head, resembling the mythical dragons of ancient folklore.

Captivating Video Footage:

In a stroke of luck, an intrepid wildlife enthusiast managed to capture mesmerizing video footage of a Great-Eared Nightjar in its natural habitat. The video showcases the bird perched on a branch, its ear-like feathers fully displayed. As it stretches its wings, the intricate patterns become even more apparent, lending an otherworldly quality to its already mythical appearance. The video also captures the bird’s haunting calls, reminiscent of a creature from a fantastical realm.

Behavior and Habitat:

The Great-Eared Nightjar is predominantly a nocturnal creature, emerging at dusk to forage for insects, its primary source of food. It is known for its impressive aerial acrobatics, gracefully darting and gliding through the air as it catches its prey. During the day, it rests on tree branches, blending seamlessly with its surroundings thanks to its remarkable camouflage. These behaviors, combined with its unique appearance, have only served to enhance its mythical allure.

Misconceptions and Conservation:

The Great-Eared Nightjar’s dragon-like appearance has led to numerous misconceptions and myths surrounding its existence. In certain cultures, it has been associated with supernatural powers and mystical symbolism. However, it is important to distinguish fact from fiction and appreciate this remarkable bird as a fascinating and vital part of our natural world.

Conservation efforts are essential to protect the Great-Eared Nightjar and its habitat. Like many species, it faces threats such as deforestation and habitat loss. By preserving the ecosystems in which it resides, we can ensure that future generations have the opportunity to marvel at its elusive presence.


The Great-Eared Nightjar continues to captivate our imaginations with its mysterious and dragon-like appearance. Through captivating video footage, we catch a glimpse of its awe-inspiring beauty and behavior. As we unravel the mysteries of this remarkable bird, we must also strive to protect its fragile existence. Let us embrace the wonder it evokes, appreciating it as a living testament to the intricate and enchanting diversity of our natural world.

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