Embracing the Wild: The Man Who Spent £19,000 to ‘Become a Wolf’ and Yearns for Freedom from Human Relationships


In an increasingly interconnected world, where relationships and social bonds are the bedrock of our existence, there are those who choose to tread a different path. Meet Damien, a man who made an extraordinary decision to invest a staggering £19,000 in an unconventional quest: to ‘become a wolf.’ What drives someone to forsake human relationships and yearn for the untamed freedom of the wild? Let’s explore Damien’s extraordinary journey and gain insight into his motivations and desires.

The Yearning for Authenticity:

Damien’s story is not one of sheer eccentricity or a desire for attention. Instead, it reveals a deep longing for authenticity and a profound disconnection from the modern world. As societal pressures mount, and the trappings of civilization tighten their grip, some individuals find solace in the idea of reconnecting with their primal nature.

The Wolf Metaphor:

For Damien, the wolf embodies strength, freedom, and untamed wilderness. It represents an escape from the constraints and expectations imposed by human society. To him, becoming a wolf is a metaphorical transformation, a way to shed the layers of artificiality and embrace a purer, more instinctual existence.

The Quest for Transformation:

Damien’s £19,000 investment was not solely financial; it represented a commitment to his innermost desires. He sought guidance from experts in animal behavior, attended wilderness survival courses, and even spent time with wolf packs in a controlled environment. This immersive experience allowed him to gain insights into the intricate dynamics of wolf society and understand the essence of being truly free.

Breaking Free from Human Relationships:

Damien’s desire to sever ties with human relationships stems from his perception of them as binding and restrictive. He yearns for a world where communication transcends language, where social hierarchies are primal and natural. In his pursuit of freedom, he seeks liberation from the complexities and expectations inherent in human connections.

Challenges and Controversies:

Undoubtedly, Damien’s choice has been met with skepticism and controversy. Critics argue that his decision is an extreme attempt to escape the responsibilities and challenges that come with human relationships. They contend that true freedom lies in forging meaningful connections with others, not in severing them entirely.

The Personal Journey:

While Damien’s path may be unconventional, it is essential to approach it with empathy and understanding. His choice is deeply personal and rooted in his own unique experiences and struggles. It highlights the diverse ways in which individuals seek fulfillment and purpose in an increasingly complex world.

A Reminder of Our Own Humanity:

Damien’s story serves as a poignant reminder for society to question the established norms that dictate our lives. It prompts us to reflect on the delicate balance between individuality and connection, and the profound impact these choices have on our well-being.


Damien’s extraordinary journey to ‘become a wolf’ may seem peculiar to some, but it is a testament to the human desire for freedom and authenticity. While he yearns to be free from human relationships, his story reminds us of the importance of nurturing meaningful connections and finding fulfillment in our own unique ways. Ultimately, his quest highlights the eternal human struggle to find harmony between the wild within and the social fabric that surrounds us.

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